Monday, January 24, 2011

Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby

Mario Lopez played AC Slater on Saved by the bell. Mario charmed thousands of girls with his huge biceps and dimples. His character played the star football, and wrestling player. He did his best to steal Kelly Kapowski away from Zack Morris. I always loved his relationship with Jessie Spano, and all the funny nicknames he would call her. He'd do just about anything to win her back, even if it meant wearing spandex and dancing to win her back.

AC Slater also had a hair style that most of us cringe at the sight of one...a mullet. It was after all the style back then, and he pulled it off better than most people. I personally love his new hair style much, much better. Mario has come a long way from his character from Saved by the Bell. What was Mario up to before and after the Bell?

Kids Incorporated: Drummer 1984-1986 (Tell me you all remember Kids Incorporated. My sister and I used to watch this show every week. Fergie was also on that show. She looks a lot different now.)
The Golden Girls: Mario 1987
Pacific Blue: Bobby Cruz 1998-2000
The Bold And The Beautiful: Dr. Christian Ramírez 2006
Holiday In Handcuffs: David Martin 2007
Nip/Tuck: Dr. Mike Hamoui 2010

After the Bell:
Dancing with the Stars
Saved by the Baby: His own TV Show about him becoming a father
Hosting Jobs: Naming a few
Miss Teen USA
Miss America
Miss Universe
America's Best Dance Crew

In 2003 Mario proposed to his girlfriend who is an actress/model Ali Landry, but he was caught cheating on her the day before at his Bachelor Party, and also the day after their wedding. The marriage was annulled two weeks later.

Mario Danced his way to the final three of Dancing With The Stars and started to date his dancing partner, Karina Smifnoff. Whom he dated from 2006-June of 2008. Don't fell to bad for Mario because just a few months later he found his current girlfriend, Courtney Mezza. In the fall of 2010 Courtney and Mario welcomed their daughter Gia into the world. Mario is capturing the whole thing on camera. You can watch him as a dad, and boyfriend on, Saved By The Baby. It looks like they have already released 10 Episodes on VH1. Has anyone seen this?

Mario also has two healthy books out, called, Mario Lopez Knockout Fitness, and Extra Lean.

Mario has had a pretty steady career. To find out more you can visit IMDB.

Mario has already had an amazing career in front of the camera. When I watched the Saved By The Bell True Hollywood Story, they talked about how much he enjoyed the attention being in the lime light. Plus the camera really likes him. :) I guess that is also why he has his own reality TV show. 

This is one of my favorite moments of Mario on SBTB. It's where he dances and kisses Gumby and thinks it Tori who wants to play a little trick on Slater and Zach. I couldn't find a shorter clip so if you want to skip to that scene, its about 5:45 into the clip.

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